One Flew Over w/ Maids of Horror & Dusty - FREE ENTRY
One Flew Over w/ Maids of Horror & Dusty - FREE ENTRY

One Flew Over w/ Maids of Horror & Dusty - FREE ENTRY

The Stag & Hunter Hotel (Mayfield, NSW)
Friday, 16 August 2024 8:00 pm
33 days away
18 Plus

We’re caught in a trap because I love you too much baby… There’s gonna be a lotta’ love in the Stag room when The Dusty’s (Wollongong), Maids of Horror and One Flew Over ride in, park their amps and guzzle some high inflammable moonshine (hic)! Join us for a lowdown shambling boot stomping experience on 47 years to the day that the King EP left the building! There might be a twisted rendition of a Presley tune going down in each set too!


One Flew Over sit in the musical world somewhere between sea shanties to underground NYC '76 circuit. Sometimes a pin drop, sometimes chaos, but mostly Pale Blue Eyes! Band members come from an eclectic range of unique Newcastle bands including The Outliers, Les Poetes Pop, The Tall Stories, Klub Kongo and the Piranha Tamers and The Crosstown Killers. 

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Maids of horror are Newcastle’s midnight queens and unholy hosts that take you on a velvet cowpunk ride through a sonic valley that fuses heartbreaking melodic rhythms and energetic grooves - all with an inimitable southern gothic bittersweet kick to boot! Join them as they delve into macabre and enigmatic songscapes that sojourn from one heart of darkness to the next.


Wollongong’s vocal treasures, The Dustys, will take you on a journey baring their hearts & singing their minds, delivering sly, twangy ramblers with a gritty twist. They are a three piece guitar, keys & drums outfit, with Tiffany Sinton & Carrie Phillis’ dulcet harmonies laying mellifluously over Craig Jackson’s brazen back beat. The Dustys draw from an eclectic mix of influences, with tinges of 70s brooding ballads, 60s folk & sunshine pop, and come from bands such as the Fangin’ Felines and the Cartelles.