The Craw
The Craw

The Craw

East Coast Low
The Stag & Hunter Hotel (Mayfield, NSW)
Friday, 15 February 2019 7:00 pm
24 days away
18 Plus

FRESH MEAT: The Craw is Rob Hogan , Steven Squelch, Paul Harris and Shane Hayter.

NEW outfit The Craw features some of Newcastle’s usual rock’n’roll suspects and will play its first show this month.

The band draws on influence that include surf guitar legend Dick Dale. 

“I love writing instrumental’s and they are Dick Dale-ish. I’m also into Link Wray – high octane surf guitar,” vocalist and guitarist Paul Harris said.

“It’s guitar rock’n’roll. Kind of garage, surf guitar … hints of everything, rockabilly, melodic, Crazy Horse, T-Rex. 

“As usual it’s a mish-mash of everything I love. It’s good fun, we are doing it for ourselves mostly, but hope people will like it and we try hard to do a good job. ”

They will play some covers, but mostly original material written by Harris and bass player Rob Hogan. Much of the material focuses on matters of the heart.

“Personal relationships, let me think what else ... Nah, that about covers it I think,” Harris said. 

“We also play instrumentals inspired by life experiences.” 

“I draw on the most powerful emotions in my life to inspire me lyrically and the music is inspired by the combination of everything I have been exposed to throughout my life.

“I have written songs about my children and my relationship with them. There are also a few songs I have written for The Hurricanes [another of Harris’s bands] which have crossed over to this band, plus I have written some new ones.

“There is a lot of big guitar sounds, big fat rhythms, often there is a lot of minor chords adding to the intensity of what I am trying to convey lyrically.”

The band went through a few early line-up changes in the rehearsal stage but the final line-up sees Harris and Hogan joined by Steven Squelch on drums and Shane Hayter on guitar. 

They plan to record and release something on vinyl, sometime soon.