LS Three
LS Three

LS Three

The Stag & Hunter Hotel (Mayfield, NSW)
Friday, 24 April 2020 7:00 pm
21 days away
18 Plus
Heavy Metal
Australian Artists
LS-Three Bio
The best description of our style of music is Funky, Heavy and Bluesy... And each of us own some of those superlatives! Al has a Funky feel with his infectious grooves, Leith adds a Bluesy swagger on the tubs and Scott is pretty-heavy, weighing in at over 100kg! With many years of live performance experience in a multitude of genres/styles and bands it was time for us to do our own thing. We play from the heart, pumping out the kind of music that gives us goose bumps and brings back memories of better days. We are upbeat, energeticand most of all we love what we do! Our song writing style is truly collaborative and we are our own toughest critics! Our debut EP was named after the members of the band at the time of recording. Leith, Scottand Dave (LSD).Dave has since moved on and Al has joined us, so keep your eyes peeled for anew EP which may well be named LSA yet! The current EP contains five funky blues rock tracks and it is available now on all good digital platforms or on CD if you happen to catch one of our live shows