Joey's Coop
Joey's Coop

Joey's Coop

The Stag & Hunter Hotel (Mayfield, NSW)
Saturday, 16 February 2019 7:00 PM
25 days away
18 Plus
Joeys Coop gives voice to the life experiences of musicians in their 50s that will resonate with an older audience hungry for music that relates to them. Built around the songwriting of Myers and Roxburgh, with all members contributing deft musical touches to arrangements, Joeys Coop tell tales of fractured family, loss, the oddities of 21st century life, the burdens of overleveraged real estate commitments, mid life existential angst, memories of landscape lost and mediations on the lives of friends gone wrong. 

Joeys Coop draws on a wide palette of musical inspiration. If you could imagine mixing a smidge of Velvet Underground with a reasonable dose of melodic pop, tinged with a good shot of alt country (ala Wilco), and run it through a bit of a flight touch of a blues filter with a nod to the Stones and you’d come some way to getting a handle on what the Coop sounds like.